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The Blue Bowerbird

The magical Wind Dragon Windspinner

The magical Wind Dragon Windspinner

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Standing at 1.3m tall, The Magical Wind Dragon™ garden stake will take your breath away. In the wind, the dragon soars up and around the metallic gold pole; creating an effect that instantly fills your garden with magic and wonder.

The dragon is a protector that symbolises good fortune, wisdom, and power. 

Important notes: 
  • Over time the sunlight will change the colour from sparkly red to sparkly silver. Putting your Magical Wind Dragon™ in a shady spot (such as under a tree) will slow this process down and placing it in direct sunlight will speed this up.

  • Assembly required - instructions are included with your order. 

  • Golden pole, bearings, bells and everything you need to make your Magical Wind Dragon™ spin are included.
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